Goodbye Gene Wilder

Goodbye Gene Wilder

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We were so sad to here of Gene Wilder’s passing yesterday. His performance as Willy Wonka was iconic and inspirational.

Pure Imagination is one of the most beautiful songs ever and the YouTube rendition is worth a view, if you’ve had the worst day or best day ever. Either way, the song is life-affirming.

Letters of Note featured a letter from Wilder to Mel Stuart about Willy Wonka’s costume. His comments are thoughtful and astute, reflecting the depth of Mr. Wilder. It is definitely worth a read!

If You Want To View Paradise

We also loved Gene Wilder in The Frisco Kid with Harrison Ford. We previously blogged about our grandparents’ love of westerns and they were the ones who introduced us to this movie on their favorite channel: Starz Encore Westerns.

We had grown used to seeing Clint Eastwood and John Wayne in their serious roles as cowboys. We could hardly believe The Frisco Kid was actually a real movie. It was too funny! We especially loved the no riding on Saturdays scene, as well as the how my people dance scene.

The Frisco Kid takes the traditional western and turns it on its head. Gene Wilder is the hilarious wrench thrown into the works of a classic “cowboys and indians” tale. You can’t take your eyes off the screen! What will he do next?

Thank you, Mr. Wilder. We hope you are swimming and frolicking in a chocolate waterfall in heaven.

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