Happy 100th Birthday, Édith Piaf!

Happy 100th Birthday, Édith Piaf!

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Édith Piaf was born on December 19, 1915 and today would have been her 100th birthday!

In honor of her birthday, I found this quote on the Édith Piaf page on bio.com.

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Her voice, so full of vibrato, is indeed a very moving sound! I believe she achieved her goal.

In 2007, Piaf was portrayed by Marion Cotillard in the movie, La Vie en Rose, for which Cotillard won an Academy Award for Best Actress. You can watch the trailer here on IMDB.

The movie is named after one of Piaf’s most famous songs, which she wrote herself. I first heard La Vie en Rose when it was featured in one of my favorite movies, French Kiss.

Here is a live performance of La Vie en Rose. The title roughly translates to “life through rose-colored glasses” in English (source).

And here is a live performance of Non, je ne regrette rien (No, I regret nothing).

Thank you for the glorious music, Édith Piaf!

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