Graceland Stars: Where Are They Now?

Graceland Stars: Where Are They Now?

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After our post about new fall shows we were excited about, we made the realization that a lot of the stars from Graceland are in new shows this fall.


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Before we get to where are they now, let’s first recap, what was Graceland? Graceland was a show on USA that some of you may have heard of, about a house on the beach that had residents from several different government organizations (FBI, DEA, and ATF) that were supposed to work together undercover to catch bad guys. This show had a lot of drama but it also had excellent writing. Some characters were likable, like Charlie and Johnny, while others were unpleasant, like Paul and Mike.

The Graceland Cast, back at the beginning of the show in 2013

Graceland survived for three seasons as a summer show, but after last summer, the show was cancelled which made us sad. Like seeds scattered in the wind, the stars have found new roles on other shows and we are very happy for them! Here is a rundown of who ended up where:

Paul played by Daniel Sunjata

Daniel Sunjata is now starring in Notorious on ABC as a powerful attorney. It appears as though he plays another unlikable character in this show but who knows, maybe the show is good. It also stars one of our favorite actresses, Piper Perabo! We haven’t had a chance to watch the premiere yet.

Daniel Sunjata with Special Agent Annie Walker Piper Perabo

Mike played by Aaron Tveit

Aaron Tveit starred in BrainDead, a political satire show that aired this summer. BrainDead was created by Michelle and Robert King who also created The Good Wife. We have previously expressed our feelings about the conclusion of The Good Wife and therefore have mixed feelings about this show. It has been relegated to the bottom of the playlist on the DVR and we haven’t watched it yet. Tveit also starred in the FOX’s Grease: Live in February.

Aaron Tveit with BrainDead co-star Mary Elizabeth Winstead at the Tony Awards in June

Charlie played by Vanessa Ferlito

Charlie was our favorite character on Graceland. Vanessa Ferlito made you feel like Charlie was a normal person trying to do the right thing. We hadn’t seen her in anything recently and then the other night we saw the last ten minutes of NCIS: New Orleans and there she was! Our hearts jumped for joy. We are not devoted fans to NCIS: New Orleans like we are to NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles, however that will have to change now. We watched the first episode and we definitely think she brings a much need edge to the show.


Johnny played by Manny Montana

Johnny was also very likable on Graceland and his facial expressions were the best of the cast. When we were watching the trailer for Conviction, we shouted in joy and got really excited to see Manny Montana. It looks like he will be bringing his passion and excellent facial expressions to this show also.


Jakes played by Brandon Jay McLaren

Last season on Chicago Fire, Brandon Jay McLaren had a small guest role as a former gangster turned politician. We barely recognized him without his signature hair. He will be starring in a new CBS show in 2017 called Ransom, that is being filmed in his home country of Canada. He will play a psychological profiler.


Paige played by Serinda Swan

The only star from Graceland not to be in any current or recent shows is Serinda Swan. She too made an appearance on Chicago Fire, back in 2014. It looks like she will be in some upcoming movies but no new shows so far this year.


Were you a fan of Graceland? Who was your favorite character?

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