On Being Faithful Fans and Series Finales Part II: Person of Interest

On Being Faithful Fans and Series Finales Part II: Person of Interest

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About a month ago, we wrote Part I on our thoughts about being loyal fans to a show and our feelings about the series finale, specifically about The Good Wife. Today, in Part II, we wanted to talk about Person of Interest.

Person of Interest was a great mystery, sci-fi, peek into the future, big brother mashup. Although this show kind of made us paranoid about being watched by an artificial intelligence, it was propelled by brilliant characters and great storylines.

Throughout the five seasons, we never missed an episode. We followed the progression of Harold,the creator of The Machine played by Michael Emerson*, and John Reese, the muscle/investigator/enforcer played by Jim Caviezel. Harold’s machine watches over the people of New York City and notifies Harold about those whose “number” has come up and are in imminent danger. Harold and Mr. Reese then had to discover why they were in danger. (*As a side note, Harold Finch’s fiancée, Grace Hendricks, was played by Michael Emerson’s actual wife, Carrie Preston. Preston also played Elsbeth Tascioni on The Good Wife, whom we talked about in Part I.)

Person of Interest Review

Eventually, we were introduced to Detective Fusco, played by Kevin Chapman, and Detective Carter, played by Taraji P. Henson, who assisted Harold and Mr. Reese by searching police databases for case information and often provided much needed backup. When Carter died, we knew the show could never be the same. She was so sassy and the main source of morality for the show. Still, there were other characters who compensated for this loss. We really loved Shaw, a reformed assassin played by Sarah Shahi, and Root, a coding genius whose devotion to the Machine was unmatched, played by Amy Acker. We loved how awkward they were but also that they were truth seekers and defenders.

The writing of this show was also excellent. Even though each episode focused on one person whose “number” had come up, the show didn’t feel at all cookie cutter. We always wanted to know the interesting ways in which the person had either put themselves in danger or were about to perpetrate a crime.

(*Spoiler Alert* Do not read if you haven’t watched the finale.)

The last couple of episodes were tearjerkers. In Episode 10, we cried when Root sacrificed herself so the group could continue their fight against Samaritan. However, our sadness didn’t last too long since The Machine decided to take Root’s voice to speak for her at the end of this episode. We cried again in the finale when Mr. Reese sacrificed himself to ensure the destruction of Samaritan and so Harold could live. ?

However, there were also some happy moments. We got closure about Harold when we saw him go to Italy to be reunited his true love, Grace. We also saw Fusco in the finale, alive and well, forever changed by his transformation from crooked cop to brash hero. The ending of the finale made us smile. The image of Shaw walking the streets of New York City with Bear and then answering a pay phone to talk to The Machine/Root was the perfect ending to a thought-provoking and entertaining series. It gave us a slight sense of hope there might be a spinoff, but it is doubtful.

In the clip below, Executive Producer Greg Plageman answers some final questions from the viewers.


In stark contrast to the finale of The Good Wife, we felt the series finale of Person of Interest was perfect. In an interview with Buzzfeed earlier this year, Jonathan Nolan said “… We’re going to tell the end of this story, in such a way that doesn’t slam the door shut on the universe of the show — that wouldn’t be a fitting end to the show anyway. But telling a final season in such a way that it would leave everyone satisfied with the story that we told.”  We were definitely satisfied with the ending and we thank Mr. Nolan and all the writers and producers for that.

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2 Responses

  1. Judie Ashford

    Fell into the initial offering of Person of Interest. Couldn’t decide if we wanted to follow up on it or not. Lukewarm enough that we never went back, but your post here piques my interest. Not much time is available for television, but now that we have come to the end of this season’s Longmire ( ;-> ), there may be an hour a week to devote to something new.

    Have stopped watching several series that were good, but ended up getting too violent – looking at you, House of Cards. How does this one fare in that department?

    Virtual hugs,


    • Z.Y. DOYLE

      Thank you for your comment Judie! Person of Interest includes a large dose of shoot-out scenes, but they mostly involved John Reese shooting the bad guys in the knee caps. The first season and the last season were the best and most action filled, but the middle seasons were important to develop the characters and plot. We would recommend it. 🙂 Hugs, Al and Mac.

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