Rio Olympics Kick Off and Our Adventures in Archery

Rio Olympics Kick Off and Our Adventures in Archery

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Today’s the today! The Olympics are finally here and we couldn’t be more excited. We love watching all the different events, learning little factoids about different sports and about the people from all over the world.

A couple of interesting facts about this Olympics: this is the first time a team of refugees will compete under the Olympic flag and this is the first Olympics in South America. More interesting facts can be found here. Also, the time zone in Rio is one hour ahead of Eastern Standard Time, in case you were wondering.

In the US, NBC and their affiliates will air Olympic coverage. On the NBC Olympics website, you can find out when your favorite sport will be on television. You can also see the medal counts and results of every event.

Our favorite event is archery. Growing up we took a class at the local archery range and were hooked. We practiced hard, shooting lots of arrows every week and eventually we went on to compete at state events and then on to several national tournaments across the country. Here are a couple snaps from the good ol’ days.

archery - 2

archery - 1

We loved the sport but eventually, the immense time commitment was outweighed by going to college. Even though we no longer shoot, we still follow the sport from afar.

Archery runs from today, August 5th, through next Friday, August 12. The Olympic archery schedule, live scores and photos can be found on the World Archery website. The event will be live streamed, but you can watch archery on NBC Sports Network and MSNBC tomorrow, according to

Already, there is news from Rio: Kim Woojin of South Korea has shot the first 700-point 70-metre round in history! Read more at World Archery. That’s a 97% accuracy rate, 230 feet from the target. Wow!

Recurve Archery has been an Olympic Sport since 1972, but was also contested in four previous Olympics: 1900, 1904, 1908, and 1920. The featured image of this post is from 1915, as found on Flickr.

When we started shooting, the most popular archery related reference was Lord of the Rings. Everyone wanted to be Legolas. Now the popularity of archery can be linked to Brave and The Hunger Games, encouraging lots of young women to take up the sport. ?

The US archery team at the Olympics is a men’s 3 member team (Brady Ellison, Zach Garrett, and Jake Kaminski) and one woman (Mackenzie Brown). We do not have a complete women’s team because we did not qualify in a team event earlier this year. While that is a bummer, it is still exciting that we have one US woman competing. You can see more about archery, US team members and videos here.

The archery venue in Rio is the Sambadrome, which will also be the starting and ending point of the marathon. The Sambadrome was originally built in 1984 for samba competitions during Carnival. You can read more about it on Wikipedia. See a photo of the location on the World Archery website here.

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