TV Tuesday: The Catch

TV Tuesday: The Catch

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We hardly ever watch shows we haven’t seen commercials for, however there are exceptions. The Catch would be an exception. We were quite late in watching this show since it aired in the spring, however, it was only 9 episodes so it was easy to get caught up.

We hadn’t seen any hype for this show at all. All we knew was that it was a Shonda Rhimes produced show about a private investigator and that was the only reason we recorded the series. We love How To Get Away With Murder so we presumed we might like this show. But then time went on and The Catch drifted further and further down the playlist. We were surprised to see that one of the creators of the show was author Kate Atkinson, creator of the Jackson Brodie mysteries. At first, we though it might be a different woman with the same name, but this article from Radio Times confirms they are one in the same.

At last, we watched The Catch and we enjoyed it. We liked the cat and mouse story line between Alice Vaughn, played by Mireille Enos, and Alice’s fiancee (Christopher Hall, aka Benjamin Jones), played by Peter Krause. We were not familiar with Enos however we did like Krause in Parenthood.


The Catch starts off as what you think is the perfect relationship between Alice and Christopher. She is a private investigator and he is supposedly a venture capitalist. However, what Alice doesn’t know is that she has been part of a con for over a year and Christopher is a part of it. She discovers this when he disappears without a trace. We learn that the case she has been working, where some of her clients have had millions stolen from them, was orchestrated by Benjamin and his fellow con artists, Reggie, played by Alimi Ballard, and Margot, played by Sonya Walger.

FBI Special Agent Jules Dao, played by Jacky Ido, enters the story and tells Alice that he has been tracking Christopher across Europe and had followed him to LA. Dao believes that Christopher is a murderer and wants Alice’s help to track him down.

This show is upbeat and fun. What could easily be a tale of obsessive revenge turns instead into a light-hearted cross between Ocean’s Eleven and Romeo and Juliet. As the show progresses, you start to wonder how realistic the relationship between Alice and Christopher is. How can Alice still love a man who 1. Stole millions from her customers 2. Didn’t tell her his real name and 3. Continues to be a conman? Seems kinda ridiculous, but maybe love is ridiculous? What is going on in that girl’s head?

Towards the end of the first season, the series is saved by a pair of guest stars. The first guest star we loved is Nia Vardalos, of My Big Fat Greek Wedding fame, who plays a skilled counterfeiter. She brought more humor and another interesting storyline back to the series. The other guest star that we loved was Lesley Nichol, aka Mrs. Patmore from Downton Abbey, who played the mother of Margot and her evil brother Rhys. The addition of Nichol was a surprise, especially her little cameo as a chef. We love her humor.

Overall, we liked the first season of The Catch and we will probably watch the second season. We hope that the story picks up and has some more variety in the coming season.

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