The Narrating Style of Robert Glenister (The Cormoran Strike Series)

The Narrating Style of Robert Glenister (The Cormoran Strike Series)

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We fell in love with audiobooks on family road trips in the 90’s, particularly the Jim Dale’s stylings of Harry Potter. Jim Dale’s voice is light and gentle, perfect for children’s fantasy books. His voice is quite like newly minted BFG, Mark Rylance. The resemblence is uncanny.

Robert Glenister’s voice for the Cormoran Strike series is thick and gravelly. I couldn’t help but compare his voice to Jim Dale’s. Did I really want to spend hours with this unfriendly, gruff voice? Ultimately, the answer is yes. It can take a while to get used to a new audiobook narrator/performer, as I mentioned in my review of Dragonsong as narrated by Sally Darling.

But I have found that if you give them an hour, you will find yourself becoming fast friends with the narrator. The best audiobook narrators are often also actors and this is true of Glenister. We saw him first in episode 4 of the fourth season of one of our FAVORITE shows, Vera. He’s also been in Doctor Who, Hustle, and A Touch of Frost. His newest work is an iTV thriller, Paranoid, also starring Lesley Sharp (love her from Scott and Bailey!), Indira Varma, and Kevin Doyle (Molesley!)

Robert Glenister does a great job performing various regional accents throughout (to what my American ear can distinguish). You have Cormoran Strike’s Cornish, the Posh like Ursula and Tansy (suspects), the Yorkshire like Robin (Strike’s temporary secretary), a London street gal (Rochelle), and a Polish cleaning woman to boot. The performance is engaging and entertaining. It is also a bit rough around the edges, but then again that is the nature of Cormoran Strike and the series as a whole.


As a brief side note, we wanted to mention that we are SO excited about the new 3 Pottermore Presents ebooks, especially after skimming Time’s article: 7 Things We Learned From the New Harry Potter eBooks. (Unfortunately not available as an audiobook, but that’s ok.)


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