10-Minute Pancakes: Quick and Healthy Breakfast (Kodiak Cakes)

10-Minute Pancakes: Quick and Healthy Breakfast (Kodiak Cakes)

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Pancakes, when done right, are little fluffy clouds of joy.

Their main purpose of course is to serve as vessels for melty butter and sweet maple syrup.

pancakes, hotcake, breakfast

According to National Geographic, humans have been feasting on hotcakes at least since the ancient Greeks and Romans and maybe longer, given the discovery of Ötzi, the Iceman.

But what if I told you that you could make delicious pancakes in ten minutes, with very little effort and they would have 18 grams of protein per serving?

Enter Kodiak Cakes.

pancakes, hotcake, breakfast

You’ve probably seen the box before, maybe even raised an eyebrow at it. Kodiak Cakes are everywhere: the grocery store, Target, and even Costco.

Given their popularity, I decided to give them a whirl without expecting much.

Here is the pancake mix. (This is the “protein-packed” variety. They sell other varieties, so make sure to double check which kind you are buying.)

I began to preheat a griddle pan over medium heat here also.

Time: 8:28 AM

pancakes, hotcake, breakfast

Here, I added 1 cup of whole milk.

Time: 8:29 AM


1 cup of Water = 14 grams protein

1 cup of Milk = 18 grams protein

1 cup of Milk + Egg = 21 grams protein

pancakes, hotcake, breakfast

Usually pancakes need to rest, in order for the baking powder to do its thing, but not with Kodiak Cakes.

They recommend to use the batter within fifteen minutes of combining the ingredients.

Time: 8:30 AM

pancakes, hotcake, breakfast

Always best not to overmix pancake batter. Here it is, still a bit lumpy.

Time: 8:31 AM

pancakes, hotcake, breakfast

Plopped down 1/4 cup of the batter for each pancake on the preheated griddle. Watched the bubbles start to rise.

Time: 8:32 AM

pancakes, hotcake, breakfast

Flip ’em and weep. It’s go time.

Note: I did not put any butter in the pan because it is a nonstick surface. I believe that putting oil or butter down on a nonstick pan will prevent the first batch from forming beautiful golden finish of the pancakes below.

Time: 8:33 AM

pancakes, hotcake, breakfast

I started this timer as soon as I got out the pancake mix from the pantry and pan from the cupboard to begin cooking and stopped the timer after plating the last of the eight pancakes.

You can see this is a very quick and easy breakfast! (Don’t forget protein-packed!)

pancakes, hotcake, breakfast

The second batch got a little darker golden finish. I turned down the heat to medium low, but it didn’t help much.

It’s just part of cooking on an electric stove rather than gas, but I still think all the pancakes are beautiful!

pancakes, hotcake, breakfast

Here I topped the pancakes with some Sweet Cinnamon Earth Balance Spread to add a kick to my pancakes.

pancakes, hotcake, breakfast

And next, some Log Cabin syrup (which isn’t really maple syrup, but still tastes ama-zing!).

pancakes, hotcake, breakfast

Look at the pancakes glisten!

pancakes, hotcake, breakfast

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