Woof Trekking Dispatch #7: Ducks, Roloff Farms and Tillamook Forest, July 2012

Woof Trekking Dispatch #7: Ducks, Roloff Farms and Tillamook Forest, July 2012

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In our last dispatch we made our way from California up into Oregon, the state of our Grandma’s birth. If you recall from the first dispatch, you will recall that the whole purpose of this trip was to commemorate our grandparents who had recently passed.

WT 7 Oregon Featured

As we drove north, we made a stop in Eugene. Of course, we had to stop and take a look around the University of Oregon campus. Even though we were in enemy country (BEAR DOWN!), we did enjoy their campus. It was beautiful. We have a cousin who went to Oregon State and worked with several Oregon Duck alums. Once when we were at a family reunion he said, ‘It’s like those guys never left college!” It does seem that Oregon Ducks bleed yellow and green.

Oregon Ducks and Tillamook Forest - 1

After our stop in Eugene, we made our way up to Portland. Along the way, we also stopped at Corvallis and drove around Oregon State University, however we forgot to take pictures. Once we made it to Portland, we decided it was time to head back out to the coast. Since we are big fans of Little People, Big World, we made a semi-creeper-esque stop outside the Roloff Farm. We used to love the show but, lately it has featured some unhappier times in their family. They’ve even talked about selling the farm ?. After snapping a pic from the car, we hit the road again.

Oregon Ducks and Tillamook Forest - 2

Our next stop was the Tillamook Forest Center. We were amazed by the lush forest and the running stream. We hopped out and took the dogs on a little walk around the area. There is an awesome wooden bridge that takes you over the river.

Oregon Ducks and Tillamook Forest - 3

We snapped this picture from atop the bridge over the Wilson River that told us about archeological finds they had found near the river.

Oregon Ducks and Tillamook Forest - 4

On our walk we spotted this beautiful purple flower. It is commonly known as foxglove but its scientific name is Digitalis purpurea. This plant is used to make digoxin, a heart medication. While the medication may be beneficial, if given in too high of doses, it can be toxic. The foxglove plant is beautiful, however the flower, seeds and leaves are poisonous to humans and some animal species, including dogs and cats.

In the current book Mac is reading, Julia & the Master of Morancourt by Janet Aylmer, one of the main characters mentioned how his godmother was being treated “… with a carefully measured dosage of digitalis, made from the leaves of the foxglove plant.”

Oregon Ducks and Tillamook Forest - 5

We went inside the visitor center which was quite pleasant and were greeted by Smokey the Bear and of course we had to say “Only YOU can prevent forrest fires” in our best Smokey voice.

Oregon Ducks and Tillamook Forest - 6

There is a replica lookout tower on site, similar to the ones found out in the forest.

Oregon Ducks and Tillamook Forest - 8

We climbed all the way to the top of the lookout tower. It was quite a hike to go up all the stairs, but we loved the view from above.

Oregon Ducks and Tillamook Forest - 9

A view of the visitor center after climbing five flights of stairs.

Oregon Ducks and Tillamook Forest - 7

Our next dispatch, we will report on our adventure to the Tillamook cheese factory and our trip to the beach!

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