Bobcat in Our Neighborhood! (PHOTOS)

Bobcat in Our Neighborhood! (PHOTOS)

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Living in the desert southwest is exciting. We have previously shown you some of the beautiful flowers and some birds we see in the desert.

Every once in awhile we stumble upon a rarity. Once in a blue moon we see coyotes and javelinas during the day but they are more active at night. The other mammal that we rarely see is the illusive bobcat.

Bobcat in Our Neighborhood 2

The bobcat (Lynx rufus) is also known as a wildcat and is the mascot of our alma mater University of Arizona. Bear Down!

Bobcat in Our Neighborhood 5

The last time we saw a bobcat in the wild was when we first moved to our house in 2002. We thought we would never see one again. But we were wrong.

Bobcat in Our Neighborhood 6

On Sunday, Al was walking through the neighborhood minding her own business. Then got the feeling someone had their eyes on her.

Bobcat in Our Neighborhood 4

She stopped and looked around and found a bobcat sitting on top of a mound, sitting in the shade. The sight of a bobcat was exhilarating and breathtaking.

Look at those paws!

Bobcat in Our Neighborhood 7

The bobcat was panting due to the heat. It is rare to see a bobcat in the middle of the day because they are crepuscular meaning they are active at twilight.

Bobcat in Our Neighborhood 3

Waiting for some “potguts” aka Round-tailed Ground Squirrels to emerge from their underground tunnels.

Bobcat in Our Neighborhood 1

Al felt so lucky that she had her camera with her. As soon as she started taking the photos, she thought, I can’t wait to post this on the blog!

We hope you enjoyed this wildlife spotting as much as we did! Happy Tuesday!

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  1. whippetwisdom

    What a beautiful bobcat and thank you for sharing these fantastic photographs! :o)

    • Z.Y. DOYLE

      You’re welcome! Glad you enjoyed them as much as we did!

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