Embracing the Inner Geek: A Coding Journey

Embracing the Inner Geek: A Coding Journey

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Today we will be talking about learning to code!

Sounds fun, right? No? Why not?

Copyright: chainat / 123RF Stock Photo
Copyright: chainat / 123RF Stock Photo

Oh, because coding is super boring? I can see why you might say that. I know I used to feel that way. That being said, slowly but surely over the past couple years, I have given into the desire to learn to code.

Early Coding Experience

The first time I coded was in high school math class. We programmed our TI-84 calculators to complete the quadratic formula. You know, this guy:

math, numbers

And that was all the programming experience I had for years. I thought at the time it was enough for a lifetime. Not that it was particularly difficult. I just did what the teacher said to do. But it was… boring. A common misconception.

I got my first iPhone when I was a senior in college, after pining for one for four long years. It was an iPhone 4S and I was in looooovvve. ?

It was powerful, sleek, and most importantly provided a gateway to Wikipedia, my favorite source of reading material.

Child’s Play

A while after that, Hour of Code was launched. Children around the country were learning to code. And here I was, an adult with a bachelor’s degree, knowing little to nothing about how to code.

A little bit of envy and a little bit of curiosity got me to try out some of the games designed to teach kids how to code.

And would you believe it… I actually enjoyed it! You can play the games at code.org/learn. It is a great way to dabble in code without feeling overwhelmed.

You can code with Anna and Elsa, the gang from Star Wars, or the legend himself, Mark Zuckerberg.

Wait, So Now I’m a Geek?

One of the things that prevented me from getting into coding is the perception of being a geek or a nerd.

I’ve always had some nerdy tendencies, namely I love learning and always did well in school. But I was never… a computer geek. Ugh.

Suddenly, was I becoming one of them?

Supermodel Karlie Kloss sums up my change of feelings pretty well in the video below.

So I signed up for codecademy, a wonderful FREE resource for learning to code nearly everything to become a web developer.

100% Geek and Proud

I spent a couple months on codecademy.com and learned the basics of HTML, CSS and PHP. This proved incredibly useful for navigating the world of WordPress. Now, I am proud to be able to call myself a web developer!

Here is a codecademy success story that inspired me.

I hope that sharing my story inspired you to try your hand at coding. It’s ok to be a geek or a nerd. Technology isn’t going away. The more you learn, the more powerful you will become!
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