Introducing… Scout and Malcolm, HOUNDD Detectives Extraordinaire!

Introducing… Scout and Malcolm, HOUNDD Detectives Extraordinaire!

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Two years ago, we came to a crossroads in our lives. We had both graduated college with degrees in Animal Science but we didn’t really want to get jobs in the field. We are both natural storytellers and Mac always knew she wanted to be a writer. Al needed a little more coaxing to admit that being a writer was what she truly wanted to do.

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One day, we were sitting around, Mac trying to persuade Al that writing was the best thing in the whole world. Al, ever the skeptic, said to Mac “Tell me some of your ideas,” thinking none of Mac’s ideas would be very good. Mac replied with “Well, I had this idea about dog detectives who cruise around a California beach town rescuing lost pets…”

“That actually sounds pretty good,” Al interrupted, stunned at the idea. That was the beginning of the High Order of Undercover Dog Detectives (HOUNDD) and our collaboration as Z.Y. Doyle.

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When developing our main characters, Scout and Malcolm, we had to look no further than our two hounds, Nana and Izzy (who we introduced earlier this month in the post Nana the Brave!).

nana and scout
Scout and Nana

Nana is very focused while Izzy can’t pay attention for more than ten seconds. The same is true for Scout and Malcolm. Now that we had a premise and our characters, we just needed to give each of them a badge and dream up a fun escapade for them, preferably involving an evil cat.

izzy and malcolm
Izzy and Malcolm

Today, we are pleased to announce the official publication of our middle grade mystery-adventure. So without further ado, check our newest ebook: Scout and Malcolm: High Order of Undercover Dog Detectives Book 1.

Get ready to meet the furriest heroes on the block!


Scout Peck, 100% mutt.


Rescue Trixie, a missing Airedale puppy.


Scout has a new partner. Malcolm is a rookie Irish Wolfhound with a secret: he’s a mutant. His genetic disorder causes him to faint when frightened and drool enough to fill a swimming pool.


Scout and Malcolm must face paw-to-paw combat with a delinquent dog, battle a sinister feline foe, and outwit dastardly dognappers too, if they want to save Trixie in time.

We hope you take some time to check out the book and tell your friends about it!

The Secret Life of Pets

While we were finishing this book, we were surprised to discover that Illumination Entertainment was releasing a movie in 2016 called The Secret Life of Pets. Our book is also about dogs who lead double lives. In case you haven’t heard of the movie, here is the trailer.

We are very excited to see the movie. It will be released in the UK on June 24 and in the US on July 8.

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