Happy Birthday, Golden Gate Bridge!

Happy Birthday, Golden Gate Bridge!

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golden gate bridge, san francisco, travel, bridge, tourism

Today is the 78th birthday of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Construction began in 1933 and was finished by 1937. Here are six more facts about the bridge, courtesy of the History Channel.

golden gate bridge, san francisco, travel, bridge, tourism

I visited the bridge in 2012 on a West Coast road trip. We stayed a couple days, but never had the pleasure of seeing the bridge fog-free. Darn it! Why is it so foggy in San Francisco? Here’s the answer. Apparently, the bridge is shrouded by fog about 70% of the year.

I was surprised to read in HGTV magazine last month that the bridge is painted “Golden Gate Bridge International Orange.” It is a special blend created by Sherwin Williams, used only on the bridge.

Orange? I always thought the bridge was red. Some call it “burnt sienna” or “vermillion,” as in this NPR story.

paint, sherwin williams, golden gate bridge, red, vermillion

Sherwin Williams produces a similar paint for us regular folks, called Fireweed (SW 6328, pictured above as downloaded from their website). The Golden Gate Bridge website also provides the CYMK and Pantone color formulas (Pantone 180, which is a darker version of Pantone’s Color of the Year, Marsala).

No matter what the color is called, it is iconic. It is cool to think you can have a little piece of the bridge at home, no matter where in the world you live. Now where shall I paint that Fireweed?

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