Woof Trekking Now Available!

Woof Trekking Now Available!

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Yesterday, we introduced you to our new series, Woof Trekking. We also shared with you all about how our grandparents inspired us to go on our very first Woof Trek. These travels have taught us so much about road tripping with our pets that we decided we needed to share our experiences.

This post contains referral links. See our privacy policy for more.

On June 23rd, we announced our newest book, Woof Trekking. Today, the book is finally ready for you! Woof Trekking is currently available through both Amazon and Kobo. It will also be available soon for iBooks and Nook.

Read the full description below:

wooftripping kindle cover new author name

Have you ever wanted to take your pets on a road trip with you but didn’t know where to begin?

Let Woof Trekking: How to Road Trip with Your Pets be your guide. Since 2012, we have racked up over 20,000 miles Woof Trekking to such diverse destinations as: Los Angeles, Savannah, Philadelphia and Portland picking up many useful tips and tricks along the way. Now they are ready to share their knowledge and experience with you. So buckle up and get ready to Woof Trek!

This straightforward guide is packed with helpful features including:

• What is Woof Trekking?

• Top 3 Reasons to Woof Trek

• How Far Can You Drive in a Day?

• Navigating Your Way

• Anxiety and Motion Sickness

• Car Harnesses

• Keeping Cool and Hydrated

• Finding Pet Friendly Hotels

• Keeping Your Pet Safe on the Road and in the Hotel

• Discover Pet Friendly Activities

• Packing Checklist

For those of you who follow our posts regularly, you may remember that our initial release date was July 1st. We published the book as promised on the 1st, however, we encountered some unexpected technical difficulties. These have since been resolved, and the book is now officially ready for purchase. If you purchased an incorrect version of the book, you should receive an email from Amazon with access to the correct version of the eBook. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Please check out our latest book and tell your friends and followers!

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