Wordless Wednesday #11: Forbidden City, Beijing, China, 2008

Wordless Wednesday #11: Forbidden City, Beijing, China, 2008

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The Forbidden City! Today’s WW hails from our 2008 trip to China, just like Travel Thursday #1 published last month. We travelled there with a band and learned quite a lot about China and Chinese culture. Stay tuned for more photos and tidbits about our trip.

Forbidden City, Beijing, China

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Nature Notes: Hummingbird and Frost

Nature Notes: Hummingbird and Frost

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Hummingbirds are one of my all-time favorite animals.

Over the past year and a half, thanks to my regularly refilling of the hummingbird feeder, they like me too, treating me to frequent visits to the backyard.

This may not be surprising because according to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, hummingbirds of both genders are highly territorial.

Winter may be cold, but the hummers are still out and about, protecting their little corners of the desert.

Yesterday, I walked out into the backyard and found this one in the mesquite tree.

hummingbird, winter, december, nature

A striking profile, wouldn’t you say?

hummingbird, winter, december, nature

They are always on the lookout, almost like owls with their heads on swivels. Looks a bit cold – all puffed up!

hummingbird, winter, december, nature

I believe this is a Costa’s hummingbird, given its squat proportions.

hummingbird, winter, december, nature

This is likely an immature male from looking at the chin. You can see his adult feathers are beginning to grow in.

hummingbird, winter, december, nature

Here is what an adult Costa’s male looks like:

hummingbird feeder

I can see you!

hummingbird, winter, december, nature

Our photoshoot ended when the young hummer dived after another hummingbird who was audacious enough to enter his territory.

hummingbird, winter, december, nature

Did you know that hummingbirds can clock speeds of over 60 mph during their dives!

(Source: Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum)

With the hummer gone, I turned my Sony a390 (previously blogged about here) to my wintry garden.

winter, december, nature

My Gomphrena globosa (globe amaranth) and Gazania look quite poetic covered in frost.

winter, december, nature

Lantana looking frosty! Brrr…

winter, december, nature

Frost-covered rosemary embodies the spirit of December, doesn’t it?

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hummingbird, winter, december, nature

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POTW: Lizard, Arizona

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Photo of the Week:

Lizard, Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

Desert Museum Lizard

April 19, 2015

Sony a390

Minolta AF 28-85mm F3.5-4.5

ISO 100




Last month, I attended the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum and snapped this photo on my Sony a390.
This lizard was roaming about the second level of the Cat Canyon exhibit in the Museum, free from any enclosure, and acting like he was king of the castle. Another large lizard came by and there was a bit of territorial posturing (charging, open mouth gaping, that sort of thing).
I felt this photo captured quite a knowing look from my new friend, resting in his desert paradise in all its springtime glory.
Have you had any funny lizard experiences?

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