Woof Trekking Dispatch #8: Tillamook Cheese Factory, July 2012

Woof Trekking Dispatch #8: Tillamook Cheese Factory, July 2012

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In our last dispatch, we left off at our visit to the Tillamook Forest Center. Today’s dispatch is all about cheese, more specifically, the Tillamook Cheese Factory! If you are ever in Western Oregon, this glorious cheese factory is a must see! Our family loves all kinds of cheese, but we really LOVE Tillamook Cheese.


The Tillamook Cheese Factory is open every day except Thanksgiving and Christmas and is a working cheese factory.


When you first pull up the factory, you see this massive boat, called the Morning Star. You can read more about the story of the boat in the picture below.


There is a small walk-through museum of the Tillamook Company’s history and at the end there is a glorious sample table of all kinds of cheese.


We may or may not have taken a couple trips through the sample line. ?


Cheddar and more cheddar.


Yummy pepper jack.


After our cheese feast, we wandered up stairs to see the actual factory. But before you even see the factory, you see this ice cream stand. There were so many flavors to choose from.


But we were too full to indulge in ice cream.


There are two sides to the factory, one side there are these monster vats.


Here is a description of what happens on this side of the factory.


On the opposite side is where the blocks of cheese are cut. It was a beautiful sight to see the cheese marching its way through, starting as large blocks and ending up being packaged as small blocks.


This panel describes what actually occurs on this side of the factory.


After we were done being mesmerized by the cheese, we were hungry again. Luckily, it was supper time and they had a café with a menu based entirely around all the Tillamook cheese types.


We got a huge helping of delicious mac and cheese along with a side salad topped with cheddar.


We also got a grilled cheese with some of the awesome Tillamook cheddar and more salad topped with cheddar.


Even though we were stuffed to the gills, we did indulge in Tillamook ice cream for dessert. However, it was so yummy, we forgot to take a picture. ?

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Woof Trekking Dispatch #5: Blue Mermaid, Rainbow Sequin Man, and Ghirardelli Square, July 2012

Woof Trekking Dispatch #5: Blue Mermaid, Rainbow Sequin Man, and Ghirardelli Square, July 2012

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The next stop on our very first Woof Trek was Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. This was another fun stop after our previous adventures at Angel’s Flight, the Pacific Coast Highway, Silicon Valley, and Japantown.

Dispatch 5 Fishermans Wharf - 1

The weather in San Francisco can be quite cool and wet, even in summer. Weather.com states that September is actually the warmest month. The day we visited Fisherman’s Wharf, the temperatures hovered around 60 degrees. It was a bit chilly for us desert dwellers.

Dispatch 5 Fishermans Wharf - 2

We had lunch at Blue Mermaid Restaurant, located in conjunction with the Argonaut Hotel. Yelp reviewers rank this seafood spot at 3 1/2 stars. We would tend to agree with this due to some fancy prices and fairly slow service. That being said, the food was delicious.

Dispatch 5 Fishermans Wharf - 3

Pictured above is the New England Clam Chowder. Pictured below is the Manhattan Clam Chowder. Both excellent choices if you decide to go.

Dispatch 5 Fishermans Wharf - 4

One of the most exciting things about this stop was the restroom. With a short jaunt into the Argonaut Hotel, you are in a natty and nautical Blue Mermaid-themed wonderland.

Dispatch 5 Fishermans Wharf - 5

A close-up of the wallpaper brings to mind the intro to a James Bond movie.

Dispatch 5 Fishermans Wharf - 6

After our delicious meal, we headed out to hang out with the doggies. Next, we ducked into Boudin Bakery’s flagship location at the Wharf for a little sourdough treat and some cans of Clam Chowder for home.

We didn’t get a chance to take a self-guided Bakery Museum Tour, but next time we will. It’s only $3. Boudin has locations all across California, so we’ll definitely have to stop there next time we are in LA.

Dispatch 5 Fishermans Wharf - 7

We returned to the Wharf and decided to stretch our legs. Not long into our walk we encountered this colorful character. Oh yeah.

Dispatch 5 Fishermans Wharf - 8

We tore our eyes away from Sequin Man and headed toward Ghirardelli Square. Ghi-rar-delli- that is a hard word to spell. It’s got two r’s, kind of like February, but we digress.

We arrived at the shopping center and popped into a little pet boutique, YAP, that featured clothes mostly for smaller dogs. A very cute store! Then we headed over to the main event: the Ghirardelli Chocolate Shop and Café!

Dispatch 5 Fishermans Wharf - 9

Izzy, happy to hang out in Ghirardelli Square!

Dispatch 5 Fishermans Wharf - 10

When we visited in 2012, the café was quite cramped. Thanks to Google Maps, we now know that the Shop and Cafe has relocated next door and has expanded a lot! The previous spot is now occupied by Jackson and Polk, a lifestyle boutique, and Vom Fass, offering oils, vinegars and liquors. What a difference 4 years makes.

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Woof Trekking at Fisherman's Wharf

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