90’s Road Tripping vs. 2016 Road Tripping

90’s Road Tripping vs. 2016 Road Tripping

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Now, we have already established that we are millennials. That means we are around the big 3-0, and when you’ve been around for about three decades, we think it is okay to give into a little nostalgia now and then.

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One of our most cherished childhood memories is going on road trips and one of the best parts of said road trips was listening to books on tape. On one road trip, we listened to the entire delightful cassette tape version of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, narrated by the many charming voices of Jim Dale. Only recently did we discover that Stephen Fry was the voice of the UK version of Harry Potter book on tape. We love Stephen Fry, but when we listened to a sample, it just wasn’t the same. Jim + J.K. forever! <3 <3 <3

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Book 1

On another road trip, we listened to a book called The End of the Road, also on cassette tape, written and read by Tom Bodett. Penned in 1989, it is a hilarious novel featuring several interconnected stories about a small town in Alaska. The most memorable section was about an outrageous lime green fire truck. You should read it! Actually, you should listen to it. It is Tom Bodett after all! An abridged version is available through Audible. Bodett’s voice draws you in like few other audiobook narrators. No wonder he has been the voice of Motel 6 for 30 years.

The End of the Road

Road Trip Activities in the 1990’s

batteries road trip

-Listen to cassette tapes on your Walkman. These could be the aforementioned audiobooks or something cooler, like Michael Jackson’s Dangerous album. That cover was gorgeous!

-Play your original Gameboy. Remember the thick gray plastic body with the greenish-yellow screen and gray graphics? Remember carrying around all of your game cartridges with you? Those were the days…

-Play CDs on your bulky portable CD Player. Whip out your 4 slot mesh binder CD collection on the bus to band camp. Yeah, I’ve got Chumbawamba. Wazzup?

-The Old Standbys: the license plate game, Slug Bug, and I Spy. Not sure if these are still popular with the kids these days.

Road Trip Activities Now

Don’t Forget Your Charging Station!

-Stream podcasts, audiobooks, or music on your phone.

-Read books on your eReader or phone.

-Play realistic games or watch TV on your phone.

We may be biased, but just looking over these two lists, it seems obvious that road tripping in the nineties was da bomb diggity.

That being said, there is no doubt that smartphones changed the road tripping game forever. The only limit is your data plan and the amount of coverage provided by your network. In some remote areas, there is no service. Now what, Gen Z? Now what? SLUG BUG!

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